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Easily my favorite Marauder piece from you. Biggest thing, and it might simply be the pòse and perspective, it's the most agile and men...



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Ben Myers
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
What to say?

Well, won't bore you with a ton of history.

I am an amateur artist trying to move from being a hobbyist, to a professional. I practice in many disciplines, but am a hands on artist. I'll use digital for editing, etc, but simply prefer and find greater satisfaction to graphite and ink stains on my fingers.

My specialty, is line art. My desire is to work doing B&W illustrations for RPG source books, etc. But I also do color work, cartoons, have a children's book that I am looking for a writer to help me finish, and sports cartoons that I enjoy.

My favorite game and art subjects are RIFTs from Palladium, and Battletech/Mechwarrior.

When not drawing, I can be found either SCUBA or Freediving. I am a lifelong conservationist, sustainable eater, and sustenance spear fisherman.

I live in Mexico, because it allows me to live a simple life, and pursue my desire to become a SCUBA Instructor.


Quickdraw WIP
Having trouble deciding whether to be closer to the TRO art, or Alex's design for MWO. The original art forces a slight cartoonish feel, but the boxier head of the MWO version just doesn't feel like a Quickdraw to me 
2866 Enforcer Mod WIP
the sketch started our small and by the time it got going, was too late to redo, so when I get my computer back online, I'll blow it up and clean it up.
Panther 2nd Arkab Legion
A modified Panther, of the Second Arkab Legion of the DCMS, early in the 3rd Succession War. Due to ammo shortages, and the Legion's quick raiding style, this warrior has had his tech remove the short range missile rack from the torso, and instead mount a pair of Medium Lasers on the left arm, with an added heatsink placed where the ammo magazine once was.

This mech and his companion in a LCT-1V Locust are conducting a raid on the Independence Weaponry facilities on the Federated Suns world of Quentin. He may shortly get a very hot surprise courtesy the 2 AFFS foot soldiers preparing to fire an Inferno Missile at him.

Based on Alex Iglesias' (Flying Debris) official version for MW:O with the Locust based on Anthony Scroggins' (Shimmering Sword) official CGL Classic Battletech version.
A commission by CK16

The Strider has always been something of an orphan design, losing the speed that made the Cicada useful, for dubious and moderate gains in armament.  While there were several mechs dedicated to hunting Elementals designed in the 3050s, it seemed a tremendous waste of money, overall. The one thing thing the Strider did offer was flexibility, so instead of devoting entire chassis to the role, it seemed more sensible to design a pod set for anti infantry work in general.  With the appearance of the WoB enhanced cyborg infantry, the need became real.

Armament consists of 1 Medium Pulse Laser in the CT, 2 SRM4 (12 shots each) in the arms, and 8 MGs each set of 4 with their own .5 ammo magazine.  Later models would trade the Medium Pulse laser for an ER Medium or in some cases a clan tech Heavy Medium Laser, and use the tonnage to mount each set of MGs into a Machine Gun Array.  With it's integral case, and STD Engine, these were found to be highly survivable and effective in this role.  Standard Deployment was one Strider with 3 squads of Power Armor to hunt down Manei Domini
was notified today that my "PugLife" entry was chosen as one of the 10 winners for the Pimp My Mech contest.
Today was a good day.  Didn't even have to use my AK.


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Hey Bishop, I got Kaiju to work on the Public Test Server with the new skill system, it's a beast mate. Now if only we could alter our mech hardpoints.....

ALSO, if you're ok with it, I'd like to type up the specs for your Atlas IIC, and maybe add a few variants. I've been doing a lot of custom designs or updates recently (no art of course, can't draw), I almost have enough to start my own TRO. :rofl: Let me know if you are up for and if you have any preferred ideas.
BishopSteiner Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, been without a computer for a while, sorry for the late reply.  That's cool to hear, love to see the Kaiju lives!  As it is, that Atlas IIC is actually done for another user, so it already has specs, but I mean, feel free to whip up what you want.  As for art, I won't say I am not interested, so much as desperately behind on a pretty large project atm.  So, can I give you a solid maybe?
Stargazzer811 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Maybe works. It's not an exact maybe myself as I only have rough Sarna net style specs. Also didn't realize about the Atlas but never the less I'll give a shoot at doing my best. Thinking a total of 5 variants counting the main. After all, such a revered mech wouldn't need a lot of versions as the Clan's would care more about the mech and what it stands for then armament. Nice to hear you got your computer back though :D
ViceWorks Featured By Owner May 16, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Great work. Good to see another mechwarrior/ battletech fan. 07 from the phoenixdominion as well
landobaldur Featured By Owner May 12, 2016  Professional General Artist
nice artworks
FutureAesthetic Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the fav! :)
BishopSteiner Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's well earned!
Chris-M-E-Hansen Featured By Owner Edited Sep 23, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hi Bishop! It's Marack Drock from MWO! Saw you here and now I am wondering why I didn't make a DeviantArt Account before just to drool while looking at your Gargoyle Prime. Amazing work!
BishopSteiner Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey dude!  welcome to DA!
Heretic1311 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
I came here after reading your comment on Justin Nelsons Primitive Rifleman. I checked your galery. To be honest, i like your rather rough style. Would almost be a loss if it´s smoothes up. Also, which i didn´t want to mention on LKY13´s page, are you familiar with Shimmering-sword´s Rifleman?
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